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Offensive Cyber Engagements

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a cyber security consultancy that specializes in offensive cyber engagements

Network Penetration Testing

Pen testing is conducted to confirm the valid attack vectors of your organization

Web-App Penetration Testing

We deliver web application security assessments in accordance with …

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

We perform mobile application security assessments for iOS and Android platforms

Social Engineering Deceptive Attacks

To perform authorized social engineering attacks, we prepare and deliver phishing campaigns targeting …

Advanced Adversarial Emulation

We would want a different color button for each service and use it consistently.

OSINT Services

WKL’s team members are trained in advanced intelligence collection, analysis, and exploitation techniques.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Our team of highly trained penetration testers understand a modern and secure wireless network needs to be …

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Pen Testing is an authorized simulated cyber-attack against a system that is hosted on a Cloud provider …

VIP Home Security Assessments

VIP Home Security Assessments provide an objective evaluation of your existing security

Password Audit Services

Password Audit is conducted to confirm the valid attack vectors of your organization.

Ransomware Simulation Service

WKL will kick off a contained ransomware simulation to test a company’s incident response measures and network awareness

Embedded Device Security Testing

We dive deep into the heart of your embedded systems, pinpointing vulnerabilities and delivering robust defenses to safeguard your critical devices.

Active Directory Security Assessment by White Knight Labs

Active Directory Security Assessment

Active Directory serves as the “keys to the kingdom” for your organization. If left unprotected, it becomes an attractive target for attackers 

Active Directory Security Assessment by White Knight Labs

Business Email Compromise

Prevent phishing attacks from infiltrating your business with White Knight Labs’ Business Email Compromise service.

Dark web scanning and cyber threat intelligence

Dark Web Scanning

Equipped with advanced monitoring technology and AI-powered threat takedowns, WKL provides comprehensive coverage, from dark web marketplaces to misconfigured cloud buckets

Smart Contract Audits

Smart Contract Audit

Experience the power of proactive mitigation against vulnerabilities with White Knight Labs’ Smart Contract Audit Service ensuring the utmost security and reliability of your blockchain applications.

DevSecOps Assessment Services from White Knight Labs

DevSecOps Assessment

Prepare your team to tackle current and emerging security challenges and align your security objectives with business goals, ensuring a robust, resilient, and agile development environment.

White Knight Labs DevSecOps Engineering services

DevSecOps Engineering

Whight Knight Labs specializes in tailoring DevSecOps Engineering solutions to fit the unique needs of your organization, ensuring that your software development process is secure, compliant, and competitive.

Much More Than Just a Security Assessment

Expertise and Experience

Whether you’re looking for a web application security review on a new deployment, or in need of a penetration test we’ve got you covered.

Penetration Testing

White Knight Labs is a boutique, top-tier provider of penetration testing services. Led by the best in the industry, our penetration testing team is constantly involved in security research, presenting at conferences and developing new attack capabilities.

Simulation & Emulation Services

Unmatched Security Expertise

The best defense is a good offense, and preventing attacks often requires thinking like an attacker. With exclusive focus on pen testing and offensive security , our business is advanced attacks.

From building our own malware and toolsets to reverse engineering hardware devices, we’re always looking to improve our capabilities – to the benefit of our clients.

Assessment Services

Professional, Refined Report Documentation

Technical depth and research capabilities aren’t the only factors in choosing a vendor. Final documentation and penetration test report are critical, and often what is provided to your management, colleagues, and clients.

With excellent reporting capabilities and an eye for detail, we pride ourselves on a professional, refined format.

Risk Reduction / Business Integrity

A Cyber Security Consultancy specializing in

Offensive Cyber Engagements

Verticals We Serve

Our consultants have experience helping across multiple verticals test and strengthen the security within their enviroment-from websites and applications to high-security networks and back-end infrastructure









Whether you’re looking for a web application security review on a new deployment, or in need of a penetration test we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote on our cyber security services.

We Serve Our Clients With Excellence

It’s clear that the WKL Engineers have deep experience in offensive cyber, their communication and execution throughout the penetration test was first rate


5 star rating

They offered their knowledge and expertise to us within a highly reasonable price point.

Real Estate Company

White Knight Labs helped us sleep easier at night by assessing the security of our systems. The technical depth of the team was impressive, as was the professionalism through the engagement and resulting report. We strongly recommend the team at White Knight Labs, especially for testing the depths of Active Directory or highly complex environments.

US Signal

5 star rating

White Knight Labs’ customized approach towards our Red Team Engagement proved to be extremely efficacious to increasing the security of our people, processes and procedures

IT Security & Risk Manager

At White Knight Labs, our guiding principle is that the most robust defense is built on a strategic offense.

As cybersecurity architects, we champion the art of thinking like an adversary to equip your organization against complex threats.

Our exclusive dedication to penetration testing and offensive security translates to crafting advanced, bespoke solutions that outpace threat actors, safeguarding your business against tomorrow’s digital landscape with precision and confidence.

binary indications of cyber intrusion


Penetration Testing Services

We have a range of penetration testing offerings to meet your needs. Whether a cloud pentest, web application pentest, social engineering assessment, or something more unique, we have the specialists to handle it.

Specific security needs and goals differ, depending on the industry and organizational need. The threat model of a university is very different than the needs of a hospital. We understand these differences and customize around your unique needs.

At the conclusion of our penetration testing services, we walk your team through each stage of the attack narrative and the underlying risks. Thoroughly detailed in the pentest report, you have the actionable, specific steps to improve your security posture.

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