Embedded  Device Security Testing

Embedded Device Security Testing

Embedded devices have revolutionized our world. They can be found in an extensive range of products, including digital security cameras, home appliances, vehicles, medical equipment, farming tools, and even doorbells. Despite their diversity, all these devices share one common feature: the ability to transmit data electronically, often with internet connectivity options. Embedded devices present both unique and familiar security challenges and risks compared to other technologies.

Software vulnerabilities are not exclusive to the Internet of Things (IoT), as they also exist in application development, making application security testing and reviews crucial. However, what sets IoT devices apart is that they do not have a single application but rather an entire embedded system.

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Regulatory Compliance and Risk Assessment

Accessing the firmware “etched” into the hardware is not as straightforward as examining an application file or scanning passwords. IoT devices may also offer multiple ways to connect and interact with the device, potentially providing an entry point into your network from an enterprise user’s perspective, or risking sensitive proprietary data leakage from a developer’s standpoint.

Enterprises and manufacturers increasingly face growing compliance and regulatory concerns and risks. For instance, the recently amended Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) introduced section 524B, Ensuring Cybersecurity of Devices, and began setting IoT standards for embedded healthcare devices. Compliance with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Entities List may also be necessary, and considering an embedded device may contain numerous parts from various sub-suppliers, conducting due diligence assurance assessments could significantly reduce the risk of violation.

What will the White Knight Labs Embedded Device Security Assessment Provide You?

Whether you are an enterprise deploying a new IoT solution seeking a vulnerability assessment or a manufacturer aiming to mitigate liability and ensure due diligence, White Knight Labs is uniquely staffed and equipped to understand your specific needs and tailor a customized engagement that aligns with your objectives and requirements.

Our cyber security experts will conduct a comprehensive inspection, analysis and remediation of your IoT solution. We have experience in conducting vulnerability assessments of embedded devices, including those that are connected to the Internet. Our professionals will work with you to identify potential risks and recommend mitigation strategies that align with your business objectives.

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Our embedded device security testing is intended to identify hidden weaknesses in areas that are often overlooked and largely untested. 

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