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At White Knight Labs (WKL), we understand that Active Directory is the foundation of many organizations’ IT infrastructures. However, this critical system can become a double-edged sword if not properly secured.

That’s why we offer a unique and specialized service – the Active Directory Security Assessment. Our comprehensive assessment is designed to review your Active Directory configuration and policy settings, identifying security issues that attackers can exploit.

We then provide tailored recommendations for mitigation and remediation to bolster your organization’s security posture.

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AD provides the Keys to the Kingdom

The Importance of Active Directory Security:

Active Directory serves as the “keys to the kingdom” for your organization.

If left unprotected, it becomes an attractive target for attackers seeking unauthorized access to sensitive data, systems, and resources.

Our Active Directory Security Assessment aims to address three critical challenges that organizations face:

1. Visibility and Control: Many organizations lack the necessary visibility and control over their Active Directory infrastructure. This gap leaves them susceptible to various cyberattacks, including privilege escalation, lateral movement, and data theft.

2. Weak Policies: Poorly configured Active Directory policy settings can expose your entire environment to potential threats. Our assessment identifies weaknesses in these policies to strengthen your defense against cyber threats.

3. Misconfiguration: Identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your Active Directory infrastructure is paramount to maintaining a secure environment. We help you discover and rectify these issues to reduce your attack surface.

Key Features of our Active Directory Security Assessment

1. Identify Common Attack Vectors:

Our assessment identifies the most common and effective attack vectors that malicious actors might exploit.

By understanding these vectors, we can better equip you to detect, mitigate, and prevent potential cyber threats.

2. Customized Security Best Practices: Every organization is unique, and so are their security needs. We tailor our Active Directory security best practices to align with your specific business processes and requirements, minimizing the impact on your operations while maximizing security.


3. Deliver a Plan of Action: Our assessment concludes with a comprehensive plan of action. This plan includes resolution and mitigation recommendations for all identified Active Directory security issues. With our guidance, you can take proactive steps to safeguard your organization.

Areas of Focus

1. Configuration Visibility and Management: We perform a thorough Active Directory forest and domain trust configuration and security review. This ensures that your Active Directory infrastructure is set up correctly and securely.


2. Group Policy and Privilege Controls: Our experts review the administration groups and privileged access accounts within your Active Directory environment. We identify any potential security weaknesses and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.


3. Recommendations and Action Plans: The assessment report highlights specific Active Directory security misconfigurations. We work closely with your team to create an action plan, detailing the steps needed to remediate or mitigate any identified issues effectively.

Why Choose White Knight Labs?


At White Knight Labs, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to cybersecurity. Our team specializes in thinking like attackers, and our engineers undergo extensive training to develop this mindset. This distinct perspective enables us to anticipate and understand the strategies and tactics attackers might use against your organization. By thinking like the enemy, we empower you to better defend your digital kingdom against potential threats.


Partner with White Knight Labs and fortify your Active Directory environment today. Our Active Directory Security Assessment will help you gain control, enhance visibility, and mitigate risks, ensuring your organization’s cybersecurity remains strong and vigilant. Contact us now to begin securing your kingdom.

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