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With DevSecOps Engineering services, White Knight Labs becomes your strategic ally in securing your codebase and DevOps practices. This service helps you ensure your organization complies with DevSecOps frameworks and is aligned with international standards.

Building a DevSecOps program for your organization or product is a complex undertaking that requires coordinating multiple stakeholders, developing organizational standards and metrics, educating developers, and implementing new technology. White Knight Labs experts can guide you through this process. We will collaborate with you to create a roadmap based on your requirements and execute it.

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We initiate a contained ransomware simulation to test your response measures

DevSecOps Program

White Knight Labs helps you design and implement common components of a DevSecOps program such as:

  • Security education for developers
  • Mandatory audit and approval processes for code changes
  • Logging and monitoring of deployment infrastructure
  • Automated source code vulnerability scanning
  • Automated security testing of applications
  • Protected source code and build artifacts
  • Principle of least privilege for all build and deploy automation

Service Description

White Knight Labs leverages industry frameworks such as the OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model to construct a roadmap for your product or organization. We set you up for continued success by defining Objectives, along with Key Results (OKRs), required to track your implementation progress and tell your story of success to senior leadership. We canals o develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to your organization to measurethe health of your DevSecOps practices.

Your journey to product security is ongoing, and WKL prides itself on being a constant in this evolutionary process. WKL’s consultants provide continuous advisory and support,ensuring your DevSecOps efforts evolve in lockstep with both business growth and the shifting landscape of cybersecurity regulations.

At each step of your roadmap, WKL remains your partner whenever you may benefit from additional consulting or engineering support to install and implement chosen technologies, policies, or procedures.

If an RFP or selection process is required for new technologies, WKL can help you cut through vendor marketing by evaluating products under consideration and leveraging our industry expertise to provide recommendations tailored to your needs.

As an additional service, White Knight Labs will revisit your DevSecOps program after its implementation is complete to conduct a technical, offensive security assessment.

During the assessment we will act as an insider threat and attempt to hijack processes, automation, and infrastructure to determine the impact of a compromised individual on your product or org’s security.

We will evaluate your technical and procedural controls andgrade the program’s maturity against its defined maturity model and industry standards.

You will see your hard work pay off by knowing how effective your new DevSecOps programis against real-world adversary tactics and techniques.

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Risk reduction

At White Knight Labs, our risk reduction strategy melds unparalleled technical acumen with a client-focused approach to deliver targeted, cost-effective, and accessible solutions that fortify your organization against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

Business integrity

At White Knight Labs, we leverage our cybersecurity expertise to safeguard your business integrity, ensuring you operate securely, confidently, and build trust in an interconnected digital world.

data protection

At White Knight Labs, we deploy cutting-edge cybersecurity measures and personalized strategies to offer unwavering data protection, reinforcing our commitment to preserving your company’s invaluable digital assets.

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