White Knight Labs offers our Expert Cyber Security Services for partners, with partners and on recommendation of partners.  

Our partnership program accomodates white labeled services, shared engagements and partner referrals to accomodate the best method for our partner to get exceptional value to a client. 

White Label Partnerships

White Knight Labs’ (WKL) white label solution offers an exquisitely professional and discreet service, allowing our partners to deliver top-tier cybersecurity services under their branding. This partnership allows you to expand your portfolio with confidence, knowing we’ll execute with unmatched expertise yet remain completely invisible to your clients. This collaboration not only enhances your firm’s standing and capability, but also cultivates a deeper trust with your clients through these additional services. When it comes to financial arrangements, it’s as seamless as it can get, with WKL handling the billing directly to the partner, who in turn bills their client, maintaining the consistency and simplicity of client interactions.

Joint Engagement Partnerships

Stepping into an engagement to augment your capabilities is another strong suit of ours at WKL. In these partnerships, we are not just a company offering services, we’re your comrades on the frontline, covering your six, and ensuring that your client’s solution gets implemented flawlessly. This synergistic approach amplifies the potential and reach of both our businesses. Yet, we ensure transparency and fairness in the billing process, charging for our rightful portion, while you bill for yours. This way, the client understands the value offered by each entity, establishing a justifiable investment.

Partner Referral

This tried-and-true method is a testament to trust in our service. With our partner referral system, you connect us directly to the client. This method allows for the end client to directly experience the top quality service WKL offers. After scoping and delivering the engagement, we handle the billing directly, making the process straightforward for the client. As defined in partnership program, a referral fee is paid back to the partner, resulting in a win-win situation for all. This form of partnership nurtures a strong business relationship and promotes a sense of unity in delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions.

Our Team

Our team of engineers boasts an array of experiences, including serving in Army Special Operations, teaching at the NSA, and collaborating with Microsoft to enhance Windows kernel security. Through their diverse expertise and unwavering attention to detail, our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality results for our clients and our partners.

Dedicated. Experienced.



At White Knight Labs, we serve a diverse clientele that spans numerous industries. Our client base ranges from dynamic tech startups that are conscious about their security to Fortune 1000 companies that require robust and advanced security solutions.

Engagement strategy

At White Knight Labs, the process starts with a comprehensive understanding of the elements driving the client’s security needs. Every penetration test we undertake is custom-tailored to achieve each client’s specific objectives. Whether the aim is SOC2 compliance, meeting vendor requirements, or conducting a secure code review prior to a product launch, we ensure that each assessment aligns with the specific business needs of the client.

Let’s Chat

Want to know more about our Expert Cyber Serurity Services offered via partnership?  Our team of experts that include former Special Operations talent, NSA educators, and cybersecurity industry leaders can deliver white label services on your behalf or we can team up with you to deliver services together.

At White Knight Labs, we take pride in our diversity, skill depth, and commitment to your business’s safety. We’re more than happy to address your queries and help you understand how we can tailor our services to protect your digital environment most effectively.