Dark Web Scanning & Cyber Threat Intelligence 

Benefits of the White Knight Labs
Dark Web Scanning and
Cyber Threat Intelligence Service

Enhance Security Posture:

Proactively detect and mitigate threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and security incidents.

Efficient SOC Operations:

Minimize false alerts and wasted SOC time, enabling faster incident response.

AI-Powered Takedowns:

Streamline the process of addressing threats like lookalike domains and secrets disclosure.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Monitor a wide range of sources, from dark web marketplaces to cloud buckets.

Customized Intelligence:

Receive intelligence tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Strengthing your Defenses

White Knight Labs is your trusted partner in safeguarding your organization against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Our Dark Web Scanning and Cyber Threat Intelligence service offers comprehensive monitoring and actionable intelligence to proactively detect threats, protect sensitive data, and reduce the risk of security incidents. In this service brief, we provide an overview of our offerings and capabilities.

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Authorized social engineering attacks: prepare and deliver targeted campaigns


We initiate a contained ransomware simulation to test your response measures

Areas Covered in Our Dark Web Scanning  Service

Dark Web Monitoring:

  • Dark Web Marketplaces

Dark Web Detection of Organization or Employee Information Source Code Security:

  • Source Code Repositories
  • GitHub Monitoring for Source Code and Secrets Leakage

Online Communication Platforms:

  • Fast-Moving Chat and Forum Platforms

Data Leak Prevention:

  • Leak Paste and Dump Sites

    Paste and Dump Site Monitoring for Sensitive Technical Data and PII Cloud Security:

    • Cloud Buckets and Documents
    • Misconfigured Servers, S3 Bucket, and Cloud Permissions Identification

    Credential Security:

    • Credential Leak Detection Due to Human Error

    Account Takeover Prevention Security Testing:

    • Penetration Testing and Red Teaming Acceleration

    Data Breach Protection:

    • Data Breach Prevention and Early Detection

    Key Features of the WKL Dark Web Scanning and Cyber Threat Intelligence Service

    Monitoring Cybercrime Communities and Clear Web Sites:

    • Our advanced monitoring technology continuously scans thousands of cybercrime communities and clear web sites.
    • Proactively detect threats that can lead to ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other security incidents.

    High-Fidelity, Actionable Intelligence:

    • We provide coverage that is highly specific to your organization, minimizing unnecessary alerts.
    • Maximize relevant context, leading to faster time to detection and reduced risk.
    • Focus on actionable intelligence that empowers your Security Operations Center (SOC) to respond effectively.

    AI-Powered Takedown and Remediation:

    • Our platform leverages AI language models to autonomously identify and takedown lookalike domains and public GitHub secrets disclosures.
    • Streamline the remediation process with the click of a button.

    Comprehensive Data Collection:

    • WKL collects intelligence from both the clear and dark web, offering a wide range of sources to identify potential threats.
    • Curated, focused intelligence specific to your organization’s needs.
    • Telemetry between clear and dark web sources of risk, including public GitHub repositories, attack infrastructure, and more.

    The Importance of a Robust Cyber Security Partner

    White Knight Labs’ Dark Web Scanning and Cyber Threat Intelligence service is your comprehensive solution to stay ahead of cyber threats and protect your organization’s sensitive data.

    Our proactive monitoring, AI-powered capabilities, and comprehensive coverage provide actionable intelligence to safeguard your digital assets effectively.

    Partner with us to secure your digital future.

    Why Choose White Knight Labs?


    At White Knight Labs, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to cybersecurity. Our team specializes in thinking like attackers, and our engineers undergo extensive training to develop this mindset. This distinct perspective enables us to anticipate and understand the strategies and tactics attackers might use against your organization. By thinking like the enemy, we empower you to better defend your digital kingdom against potential threats.


    Partner with White Knight Labs and fortify your Active Directory environment today. Our Active Directory Security Assessment will help you gain control, enhance visibility, and mitigate risks, ensuring your organization’s cybersecurity remains strong and vigilant. Contact us now to begin securing your kingdom.

    A large manufacturing company contacted White Knight Labs to test the effectiveness of their email security measures. WKL was tasked with sending an email to the accounting email distribution list requesting an update to vendor ACH information. Using advanced social engineering techniques, WKL was able to buy and set up a similar domain to the company’s and cloned their website, posing as the business.

    WKL then created a digital fake check with real bank account information and a fake authorization letter from a local bank near the vendor to accompany the fake check. WKL created multiple fake email addresses and used them within the phishing email to make it look like the vendor was adding team members to the email.

    The phishing email was sent out to the accounting email distribution list and several employees within the company fell for the scam and updated the ccounting information with the new ACH information that White Knight Labs had provided.

    This scenario underscores the critical importance of verifying any requests for sensitive information, even if they appear legitimate.

    The simulated attack by White Knight Labs demonstrated the ease with which attackers can use social engineering tactics to gain access to valuable data, or in this case update sensitive data. It is crucial to establish robust business logic processes that include verifying the authenticity of any requests for sensitive information and confirming the legitimacy of the sender before responding.

    Sleep better at night

    Risk reduction

    At White Knight Labs, our risk reduction strategy melds unparalleled technical acumen with a client-focused approach to deliver targeted, cost-effective, and accessible solutions that fortify your organization against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

    Business integrity

    At White Knight Labs, we leverage our cybersecurity expertise to safeguard your business integrity, ensuring you operate securely, confidently, and build trust in an interconnected digital world.

    data protection

    At White Knight Labs, we deploy cutting-edge cybersecurity measures and personalized strategies to offer unwavering data protection, reinforcing our commitment to preserving your company’s invaluable digital assets.

    binary indications of cyber intrusion

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