Ransomware Attack Simulation

Realistic Ransomware Testing

A ransomware simulation is a test that is conducted to simulate a real-life ransomware attack on an organization’s IT infrastructure. The purpose of the simulation is to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s existing security measures against a simulated ransomware attack.

During a ransomware simulation, a team of security experts will attempt to breach an organization’s security systems using techniques and tools similar to those used by real attackers. Once a simulated ransomware attack is initiated, the experts will assess the organization’s response and determine the effectiveness of its security measures in preventing and mitigating the impact of a ransomware attack.

The goal of a ransomware simulation is to identify potential weaknesses in an organization’s security systems and to provide recommendations for improving its security posture against ransomware attacks. By conducting a ransomware simulation, organizations can gain valuable insights into their security capabilities, improve their incident response strategies, and better protect their business from the devastating impact of ransomware attacks.

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Ransomware 101:

Understanding the Devastating Impact of Ransomware Attacks on Organizations

Ransomware is a malicious software that encrypts a victim’s data and demands a ransom payment in exchange for the decryption key. Ransomware typically takes the following steps:

Initial Access: Gaining access to the victim’s system, usually through phishing attacks, exploiting public-facing services, or leveraging valid accounts.

ExecutionExecuting code using multiple tactics to evade detection and injecting code into a trusted context such as a system service.

Disabling Security SoftwareDisabling the existing security software to ensure successful execution.

Discovery: Discovering existing drives, removable media, shared drives and shares, and sometimes laterally moving to other hosts to infect them with the same ransomware code.

Backups Deletion:Deleting existing backups to hinder recovery.

Encryption: Enumerating existing files and encrypting every file deemed relevant, sometimes based on specific file extensions, and sending original file content prior to encryption for an increased ransom potential.

C2 Channel: Opening a C2 channel and sending a message to the attacker with the host details and encryption key.

Ransom Note: Dropping a visible ransom note to notify the victim of the ransomware attack.

Optional: Modifying browser homepage, desktop wallpaper, and more.

The impact of a ransomware attack can be devastating for organizations, leading to data loss, downtime, and financial loss.

It is crucial for executives to understand the tactics and techniques used by ransomware attackers and to take appropriate measures to protect their organization against such attacks.

This can include regular backups, strong password policies, user education, and deploying effective security solutions.

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Protect Your Business with White Knight Labs’ Custom Ransomware Simulation Service

White Knight Labs offers a unique ransomware simulation service that helps organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their security measures against the latest and most advanced ransomware threats. Our service involves using a custom ransomware tool that is not known to the AV/EDR world, meaning your anti-virus or EDR won’t recognize it. We also use a unique ransomware file extension that is specific to each engagement, making it even more difficult for existing security tools to detect it. We simulate a live attacker to encrypt network drives and the local system, and our simulation closely mimics the behavior of real ransomware attacks.

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