Cyber Security Training

Experience groundbreaking learning at White Knight Labs’ dynamic training programs. Our coursework includes an Offensive Development training program tailored to help you build payloads specifically designed to bypass modern AV/EDR products from scratch. Await the upcoming Advanced Red Team Operations course— an advanced to expert level simulated lab program that provides students with practical experience in carrying out Advanced Red Team Operations using Cobalt Strike.

With sessions led by live instructors via Zoom, these hands-on training programs assure you an immersive deep dive into the realm of cybersecurity, thus elevating your skill levels significantly.

Live, Instructor led training over Zoom

Offensive Development Training

This intensive, hands-on experience offers a deep dive into Windows Internals, manipulation of Windows API functions dynamically, and developing malware in an isolated cyber range, providing you with the necessary tools to outsmart contemporary cyber defenses.

Advanced Red Team Operations

Red Team Advanced Operations Training at White Knight Labs will equip you with cutting-edge techniques and skillful strategies to master complex cyber attack simulations. We will guide you through effective adversarial emulation and help you navigate the cybersecurity landscape.

Offensive Azure Operations & Tactics

A comprehensive program designed to give participants a deep understanding of Azure’s infrastructure and security features through practical, hands-on experience. During the two days of virtual instruction, you’ll learn how to identify and exploit Azure components.

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Reach out to White Knight Labs today to learn about our Offensive Development training, a course meticulously curated that delves deep into AV/EDR products, shellcode writing, and various process injection techniques.