In the article by Damien Black and posted on CyberNews, Greg Hatcher, co-founder of White Knight Labs, discusses the growing concern surrounding the use of Cobalt Strike, a widely recognized penetration testing tool, by cybercriminals for malicious activities. The article highlights the challenges in stopping malware created with Cobalt Strike and explores the potential implications of advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning on malware development.

Hatcher also mentions other dual-use tools like BloodHound and Burp Suite, which can be utilized by both attackers and defenders in the cybersecurity realm. He emphasizes the significance of strong cybersecurity practices, such as implementing multifactor authentication and keeping operating systems updated, to prevent cyberattacks.

Furthermore, the article cautions that cybercriminals are increasingly incorporating code from pentesting tools into their custom malware, underlining the need for constant vigilance within the cybersecurity industry.

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