In the article “Embracing ChatGPT? Pay Attention To These Cybersecurity Concerns” written by Greg Hatcher, the CEO of White Knight Labs, Hatcher elaborates on the cybersecurity concerns that come with AI platforms like ChatGPT.

ChatGPT, despite its beneficial use in generating a variety of written content, is evolving into a significant cybersecurity concern due to its capacity to continuously learn and adapt according to the input that users feed into it.

The system’s vulnerability to breaches is profound due to its foundation on open-source software. This allows potential hackers to inspect, modify, and enhance the original code. Despite open-source software’s potential benefits of fostering innovation through collaboration, it also provides an open door for malicious individuals to adapt the code for their dubious intentions.

Hatcher cites a data breach at OpenAI as an example of these concerns. Also, ChatGPT poses a threat to data security as AI inevitably stores large amounts of data and could generate threats like biases and inaccuracies due to the user inputs.

Another serious concern is the potential exploitation of ChatGPT for the creation of phishing emails. Additionally, ChatGPT and most AI are developing without human supervision, adding to its potential misuse.

Mixed with the capabilities of White Knight Labs, it becomes evident how such entities can play a significant role in identifying and remedying these vulnerabilities. As a cybersecurity consultancy that crafts a team of security professionals to aid organizations in identifying security vulnerabilities, White Knight Labs could no doubt assist in the scrutiny and hardening of AI systems like ChatGPT. By deploying a risk-based approach to such AI platforms, White Knight Labs can analyze various attack vectors and help safeguard the integrity and privacy of both organizations and users alike.

Services like penetration testing, web application security assessments, and cloud pen testing would be crucial in providing security measures for AI programs and the systems they inhabit. By applying their cybersecurity expertise, White Knight Labs can address and mitigate the security risks associated with such open-source AI systems.