In a posting on Zenger by Virginia Isabel Van Zandt takes a look at Hamas aligned Cyber Group. Greg Hatcher, CEO of White Knight Labs is quoted in the article noting the importance of balance in relying on SIGINT and HUMINT.

In the constantly evolving landscape of cyber warfare, a new development has emerged that warrants attention. A cyber group associated with Hamas, known as the Stucx Team, has taken responsibility for a cyber attack threat against Tel Aviv airport. This dramatic escalation in the cyber offensive has led to a surge in cyber incidents that are intrinsically tied to the geopolitical tension in the region. The intertwining of cyber warfare with physical conflict serves as a stark reminder of our rapidly changing world where digital fortification can be as important as physical defenses.

Greg Hatcher, the CEO and Co-founder of White Knight Labs who brings years of cybersecurity expertise to analyze these increasingly complex threats in the full article. Stay tuned to our news page for his insights, as we unpack the implications of this emerging threat.