This next post is a must-read for those keen to understand the volatile landscape of cyber warfare. We delve into an illuminating conversation with Greg Hatcher, former Green Beret turned cybersecurity expert and CEO of White Knight Labs (WKL). His stern warning sets the tone for the reality we face today: “We are in the year 2024, and we’re in full-blown cyber warfare.”

In this Techopedia interview, Hatcher provides his expert insights into the intensifying cyber threats that are not only targeting nations but infiltrating vital infrastructural sectors. His candid alerts underpin White Knight Labs’ commitment to mitigating such attacks on every level.

Drawing from his experiences as a trainer at the National Security Agency (NSA) and his leadership at WKL, Hatcher presents an unparalleled perspective on international cyber conflict, pinpointing China, Russia, and North Korea as major threat actors.

Join us as we engage with Hatcher’s in-depth discussion on the challenges in cybersecurity, the urgent call for government-private sector collaboration, and the insights he’s gained from his unique journey from Green Beret to a vanguard in the cyber warfare spectrum.