In a recent CNBC article, Greg Hatcher, CEO of White Knight Labs, illuminates the prevalence and impact of phishing scams targeting small businesses on social media platforms like Meta. Through poignant examples and expert insights, the article highlights the vulnerability small businesses face and the need for proper cyber hygiene.

The CNBC article discusses alarming statistics and personal stories that demonstrate an increased risk for small businesses. Most notably, the FBI revealed that nearly $7 billion in losses occurred in 2021 due to cyberattacks primarily targeting small businesses.

Hatcher highlights the importance of good cyber hygiene practices, emphasizing the use of strong, lengthy passwords and two-factor authentication. He also sheds light on the unfortunate truth that many social media companies do not prioritize small business security.

The article serves as a reminder for small business owners to be proactive with their online security measures and adopt best practices to protect their online presence on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.