White Knight Labs is a distinguished participant, leading a training initiative at the esteemed Hack Red Con 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky on September 8 and September 9, 2023. Spearheaded by our renowned cybersecurity experts, Greg Hatcher and John Stigerwalt, the training brings an exceptional fusion of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the fore.

Drawing on White Knight Labs founders’ significant experiences, from Army Special Forces to NSA instruction and leading a CISA red team, the expertise shared will be foundational. Their vast experience and industry insight will be instrumental in an intensive, in-depth exploration of offensive development.

Participants can look forward to an interactive engagement with several technologies, such as network, cloud, mobile, web app, and API, with a spotlight on cloud Windows malware development. Dive into this grand opportunity to learn and grow here and find more details about Hack Red Con here. Join us and experience the blend of high-end technical insight with a client-centric approach at its best.

Tickets can be purchased here